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Innovative Construction Products, inc. was created as to further the development of and provide an outlet for
high performance technologies originally created to solve complex engineering challenges. 

It is our mission to adapt these high tech solutions developed by our partner companies for use in the
broader market through modification and with the application of economies of scale. 

With our experience and in close consultation and cooperation with our public and private sector partners
we are proud to offer the complete nanoGARD™ line of state of the art nano-engineered solutions. 

Asphalt/Concrete Repair

Our state of the art nano-polymerization technology allows rugged and durable repairs to be made where previously replacement was the only option.

Negative Side Repair Solutions

Our negative side repair solutions often allow for water intrusion issues to be remedied from the negative side without costly and destructive excavation to access the positive side.

Cool Roof System

Our cool roof systems offer the highest levels of thermal reflectance and thermal conductivity on the market today.

Fluid Applied Membrane Roof

Our fluid applied membrane roofing systems utilize the latest advances in the material sciences to create roofing systems that are durable, monolithic, and have the highest levels of adhesion available on the market today in a flexible system.


Our high performance sealers stop water penetration in its tracks from the positive and negative side, protecting substrates from moisture, chemical attack, UV and other damaging hazards.


Our top of the line sealants are class leaders in durability, UV resistance, movement tolerance and many more categories of performance.

Foundation System

Our foundation system is rugged and durable, resisting both incidental backfill damage as well as a lifetime of hydraulic pressure and minor settling.